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Welcome to the BACKCSC Breeder Referral List--a list of Cavalier Breed Information Contacts. All persons listed are members in good standing with the BACKCSC, Inc. as of  3/1/2023 and are listed at their own request. 

The BACKCSC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information given and provides no endorsement for specific dogs, individuals, kennels or breeding programs.

You can meet Bay Area Cavalier breeders at BACKCSC club meetings which are listed under Events within our web site. Our General Meetings and Presentations are open to the public, and new or prospective Cavalier owners are always welcome. 

Bringing a dog into your family is a large commitment; please take your time to find the right puppy for you. 

The national American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club website includes breeder referrals. For $3.00 you can get The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, A Puppy Buyers Guide in their on-line store. The AKC also has information on buying a puppy in the Puppies section of their website. 

We strongly encourage you to read the ACKCSC Ethical Guidelines and evaluate breeders based on them. Please also familiarize yourself with the BREED STANDARD and the health issues of the breed.



Dr. Susan Barrett, D.V.M.

Wyndancer Cavaliers

Julie Barto, 

Lyrabelle CKCS

Lisa Bottoms,


Joanne Chan,

OnTheMark Cavaliers

Allyson & Susan Gonyo,

Harrington Cavaliers

Maria Theresa Grotano,

Bailebrae Cavaliers

Mary McHenry,

Del Sol Cavaliers


Jo Anne Mittelman,

Loch Lomond Cavaliers

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