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2024 Membership Renewal

You must be a BACKCSC member to renew here.

If you are interested in joining the club,

please check out our Membership page. 

If you prefer to mail in your renewal, please use this Form.

Trophy & Class Sponsorships

Your sponsorships allow us to offer prizes and ribbons that make the Specialty unique!

If you do not see a Trophy or Class Sponsorship on the list, it has already been sponsored!

We may not have entries in the class you sponsor, but all funds support the show expenses--and we couldn't do it without you.

Right now, if you want to "continue shopping" after sponsoring a class, you will be taken to the Fun Day page. (Sorry!) Click on the "Store" in the upper left corner, and it will take you back out so you have access to Specialty Sponsorships. Thank you for your patience.

Featured Products

Your 2024 Membership Renewal is now due. You may renew here or 

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